RNDV Spectrum strives for quality, safety and competence

RNDV Spectrum is an international company, specializing in ship interior building, refurbishing, pipefitting and HVAC services. Over the years, we’ve gathered enough experience and skill to take on even the most daring projects, including working with the largest shipyards in Europe. As a result, RNDV Spectrum now operates as an autonomous company within the RNDV Holding, shoulder to shoulder with RNDV Group, RNDV Industries, RNDV Statyba and RNDV Logistics.

Hard work, customer loyalty and focus on advanced planning is what drives us everyday to achieve excellence in our craft. Thanks to our highly-skilled staff, RNDV Spectrum can now offer services that exceed customer expectations, which in turn leaves our partners satisfied and helps form long-lasting business relationships.

Our Mission

We are here to be the best partners for our customers.

Our Values

Importance of clients: our main aim is to become our clients’ first choice. We take importance for understanding our client needs and to provide the best service that we can.

Our people our treasure: RNDV people – our super power and treasure that we value. We firmly believe,  that by creating safe and inspiring working environment and by helping to reveal the best attributes of our people we can achieve the best possible results.

Sustainable future: as a socially conscious company we understand the importance for creating a brighter future – it is our and our employees responsibility to create a better tomorrow for next generations, therefore we value every employees efforts in achieving this goal.