• Refurbishment

    Wall/ceiling panel refurbishing, floor installation (carpeting, parquetry, tiling, epoxy coating), furniture assembly

  • HVAC installation

    Installation of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. Ductwork of all types (circular, rectangular, thick-walled), including manufacturing, installation, insulation and tinning services.

  • Ship interiors

    Wall/ceiling paneling, floor installation (carpeting, parquetry, tiling, epoxy coating) and furniture assembly.

  • Pipefitting services

    Pipefitting and insulation for all types and sizes, including plastic and metal pipes.


France 2019

Cruise ship (Under NDA)

Scope of works: Piping fitting (PPR), electrofusion and pressure tests...

Finland 2019

Cruise Ship (under NDA)

Scope of work: Piping fitting (steel, stainless steel, copper), welding and HVAC installations. Installation of fire sprinkler systems....


Piping and plumbing systems in the MSC seaview at Fincantieri shipyard, Italy

We have carried out engine room and accommodation piping system installation for the cruise ship in 2018. The materials used were PVC, PPR, PP...


Pipework installation in the cruise ship at EngieAxima, France

We have carried out piping system installation project for the cruise ship that included water supply and HVAC....


Piping systems in the cruise ship at CDA, France

We are contracted to carry out the installation of different types of HVAC piping and plumbing systems in the newly built people carrier ship ...


Wall and ceiling panel installation in corridors and cabins – Viking line grace

Cabin installation, B15 wall and ceiling panel installation in corridors and cabins, draft stop installation. Around 1.200 m2....

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About us

RNDV Spectrum is an international company, specializing in ship interior building, refurbishing, pipefitting and HVAC services. Over the years, we’ve gathered enough experience and skill to take on even the most daring projects, including working with the largest shipyards in Europe. As a result, RNDV Spectrum now operates as an autonomous company within the RNDV Holding, side by side with RNDV Group, RNDV Statyba, RNDV Logistics, and RNDV Industries.

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Training Centre

The training centre is a simulation-based facility aimed to prepare employees for real-life work situations. The training takes place under specialized tutorials which are designed to fit our field of activity and experience.

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RNDV Spectrum has developed a management infrastructure that oversees everything from safety standards to environmental integrity and health regulation. Every element  of the infrastructure is closely monitored, analyzed and actions for their continuous improvement are identified. The company complies with all legal and regulatory requirements and standards.